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VIDEO: Soilwork's guide to the Swedish metal scene

Soilwork came crashing out of Sweden in the late ‘90s with their debut LP Steelbath Suicide and have since become synonymous the Swedish scene, so it stands to reason frontman Speed shares his thoughts on where Soilwork came from…

In the video below, Speed reveals he believes the Swedish metal scene is “more interesting today compared to the mid ‘90s” and that bands nowadays have their own signature sound, whereas back then there was a lot of similarity between bands.

Speaking about influences, Speed’s cites Dissection as one of the most important to him personally and that the melodic melancholy of Storm Of Lights Bane gave him goosebumps. But also Bathory and At The Gates had a huge effect on Speed and the Swedish metal community as a whole.

Soilwork’s new album The Ride Majestic is out now and available to order here.