VIDEO: Bloodstock 2015


Last week Metal Hammer went to the UK’s biggest heavy metal festival for a weekend of riffs, mosh pits and drinking out of horns. We caught up with some of the biggest names on the bill and the people behind the festival to get an in-depth look at the metal Mecca.

We sit down with Bloodstock festival director Adam Gregory to talk about the community spirit of the festival, and how the organisers just want the fans to feel at home in Catton Park. He also reveals it was in fact Metal Hammer’s own Alexander Milas who influenced Bloodstock’s decision to book the Indonesian heavyweights Burgerkill and Jasad for their first ever UK show.

As well as Adam, we chat to Paolo from Trivium about headlining a UK festival for the first time, Joakim from Sabaton about bringing a metric fuck ton of pyro to Bloodstock and Within Temptation who return to headline the festival a decade after the first time. It’s a festival frontwoman Sharon den Adel describes as “one town of similar thinking people.”

Tickets for Bloodstock 2016 are on sale now.