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TFI Friday, as that ginger fella off the telly box used to say before taking on the Top Gear gig.

What finer way could there be to ease into a weekend of indulgence, decadence and debauchery - or simply two days sitting around in your pants eating cereal out of the box - than with the sweet, melodious sounds of freshly baked songs assailing your ears? Mmmmm, lovely, lovely music, where would we be without you?

REWS – Shake Shake

A London/Belfast duo comprised of Shauna Tohill and Collette Williams, REWS create catchy but gritty alternative-rock with a poppy edge. This feisty, fun track gets your hips shaking and your toes tapping, but slowly builds into a tune that’s equal parts explosive, riotous and infectious.

IGGY POP – Sunday

For his 17th studio album, Post Pop Depression, Iggy Pop teamed up with Josh Homme and Dean Fertita from Queens Of The Stone Age and the drummer from Arctic Monkeys. The result is a record that marries Pop’s punk aesthetic with art-pop sensibilities – as shown by this track and its accompanying video.


Given that Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba has now joined Blink-182, it’s interesting that this newest track from the Madden brothers sounds exactly like what you’d imagine a combination of those two bands would sound like – more, perhaps than the actual thing. Coincidence or otherwise, it’s a good sign for the siblings’ forthcoming album, Youth Authority.

MUSE –Aftermath

Taken from last year’s Drones album, Aftermath is one of the record’s most bleak and depressing tracks, a sombre ballad that eschews Muse’s usual dramatic histrionics. This animated video – a collaboration with Japanese director Tekken – is appropriately dreary, focusing on the aftermath of war and the destruction it causes.

CREEPER – Astral Projection

Continuing their ascent to the top of British rock scene, Creeper’s new song comes off like a cross between early My Chemical Romance and early Gaslight Anthem. Which is to say it’s an epic urgent track driven by heart-on-sleeve emotions, something that comes to a clear during the slow, melancholy breakdown.

PANIC! AT THE DISCO – Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time

Brandon Urie – for only he is left from this Las Vegas troupe’s original line-up – descends into a world of reckless hedonism in this new video. Taken from this year’s fifth record, Death Of A Bachelor, it recalls the theatrics of early Panic! with an extra dose of jittery neurosis. A must for your most paranoid days and nights.

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TeamRock's Tracks Of The Week

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