This is the setlist from Ghost's epic Royal Albert Hall show

(Image credit: Mikael Eriksson)

Last night Ghost headlined the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London in grandiose fashion. The venue is of course steeped in history, not only for the countless era-defining artists that have graced the stage, but for the jaw-dropping decor and the acoustics of the room itself. Now performing as a seven-piece, the Ghouls, Ghoulettes and Cardinal Copia graced the English capital with a whopping 24-song set split into two acts. 

Spanning the length and breadth of their back catalogue, much attention was paid to latter two albums Meliora and Prequelle, including a bombastic Rats, an anthemic Dance Macabre and ludicrously fun Miasma – complete with Papa Nihil on saxophone solo.

Ghost have just announced a A Pale Tour Named Death tour of Europe for early next year, and if online rumours are to be believed, this is the set they'll be packing in 2019. We'd like to watch it again right now, please.

Act I

1. Ashes
2. Rats
3. Absolution
4. Ritual
5. Con Clavi Con Dio
6. Per Aspera Ad Inferi
7. Devil Church
8. Cirice
9. Stand By Him
10. Miasma
11. Jigolo Har Megiddo (Acoustic)
12. Pro Memoria
13. Deus In Absentia

Act II

14. Spirit
15. From The Pinnacle To The Pit
16. Faith
17. Year Zero
18. He Is
19. Prime Mover
20. Mummy Dust
21. If You Have Ghosts (Roky Erickson cover)
22. Dance Macabre
23. Square Hammer


24. Monstrance Clock

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