The nine best nu metal singles by Coldrain's Masato David Hayakawa

Coldrain frontman Masato David Hayakawa picks nine classics from an era when wearing massive jeans, chain wallets and baseball caps not only just in fashion, but mandatory…

SLIPKNOT – Duality (Subliminal Verses, 2004)
Masato: “With an awesome chorus and super strong riffs, Duality has everything I love about Slipknot in one song. I think I came across the video when they came out with this record and it’s one of my favourites. The fact there’s so many of them running around, it’s just crazy.”

INCUBUS – Stellar (Make Yourself, 1999)
“This is one of my favourite songs, mainly because of Brandon Boyd’s singing. They create a great atmosphere in this song and I like the lyrics. It’s awesome how they had a commercial pop side with those cool basslines and guitar tones. They’re one of those bands who could get people listening to heavier songs and poppy stuff. That’s really cool.”

TAPROOT – Poem (Welcome, 2002)
“Taproot was one of the first bands I heard who used super-low tuning and big riffs among really weird beats. They were the type of band who sounded like how I wanted my band to sound: lots of screaming and catchy choruses, while being super heavy and dark. That was really cool to me.”

LIMP BIZKIT – Break Stuff (Significant Other, 1999)
“This is just one of those songs I just want to play sometimes and just go crazy to. Now, when I look back at some of the things at Fred Durst said, it might be different. But back then? I had no idea. I just thought it was cool.”

PAPA ROACH – Forever (The Paramour Sessions, 2006)
“It starts out really quiet – it’s a ballad – but when the chorus hits, it’s full-on Papa Roach. When we toured the UK with them, I watched their set every night. When that chorus hits, it just pumps you up. It’s a big song and not too many bands can keep that edge while they’re singing a ballad!”

SEVENDUST – Praise (Animosity, 2001)
“When I was 15, I visited my grandparents in the US and I went to see Nickelback. Sevendust were supporting them. They just came out jumping around the stage with these heavy, chugging riffs. It was one of the most powerful shows I’d ever seen at the time. That low end just felt good.”

SNOT – Snot (Get Some, 1997)
“If I’m in a rock bar and I’m drunk, I want to hear some Snot. This is just one of those songs I just want to mosh to, even if there’s nobody else moshing, because it’s so fast and angry. It’s so good. Snot is one of those types of songs I wish I could write someday. I probably never will.”

LINKIN PARK – In The End (Hybrid Theory, 2000)
In The End is my karaoke song. I can do either vocal – Chester Bennington or Mike Shinoda. I’m not giving anyone the mic. I do it all myself. There’s some overlapping, so it kind of gets weird, but I do my best. I want to be both of them! This song is always going to be in my playlist.”

HOOBASTANK – Crawling In The Dark (Hoobastank, 2001)
“They went super commercial after this album and became really big, but they always had this vibe of being a heavy band, while having a pop thing going on. You knew they were doing what they loved, and it still sold records and translated to audiences all over the world. Even if your parents hate rock music, they could listen to this.”

Coldrain’s album Vena is out now through VAP/Hopeless.

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