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(Image: © Brad Merret)

On October 7, I posted the following video on my Facebook page. I was being daft and didn’t expect much of a reaction.

Instead, people took it quite seriously. My Facebook friends are people in bands, people who manage bands, who promote gigs, who run labels. They want young bands to succeed and right now they’re frustrated.

They’re frustrated by the media’s refusal to cover their bands. By the public’s unwillingness to come to gigs. By how difficult everything seems in an industry changing rapidly.

So this is an attempt to give them – and you – a platform. Somewhere to share wisdom, sound off about issues affecting you, and discover new music.

I don’t know if it’ll work – I’d value your suggestions – meanwhile, it’s a start.

Below are two sections: one is for opinions and the other to showcase new music. Please contribute to both.

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