The 10 most rare and valuable LPs of the 1980s

Cover art for Iron Maiden's rare Piece of Mind album

Check the attic: That South Korean Pink Floyd gatefold vinyl that’s been gathering dust just might help you pay for new insulation. Here’s the 10 most collectable records released in the 1980s.

Morbid Tales - Celtic Frost (Noise N 0017, 1984)

This German pressing of their debut release came with a sticker on the front cover and a poster insert with lyrics and band pix.

Top value: £130

Appetite For Destruction - Guns N’ Roses (Geffen GHS 24148, 1987)

The first US pressing featured Robert Williams’s ‘robot rapist’ artwork that was quickly replaced with the Celtic cross design. Also includes a sticker insert.

Top value: £200

Unmasked - Kiss (Casablanca LPR 43038, 1980)

A Mexican first edition, released on eye-catching multicoloured splatter vinyl to match the cartoony sleeve.

Top value: £300

Nö Sleep At All - Motörhead (Roadrunner RR 9514 1, 1988)

A Dutch release, the first 1,000 came with a bonus seven-inch single, Live In Athens.

Top value: £170

Kill ‘Em All - Metallica (Nexus K25P 438, 1984)

This very rare Japanese 10-track promo was pressed on translucent black vinyl.

Top value: £600

Piece Of Mind - Iron Maiden (EMI 11944, 1983)

South American releases are always worth keeping an eye out for, especially for their use of coloured vinyl. Blue is the choice for this Columbian issue.

Top value: £2,000

For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) - AC/DC (Atlantic LDWA-6097, 1981)

A striking gatefold white sleeve with black cannon, released only in Mexico.

Top value: £400

Delicate Sound Of Thunder - Pink Floyd (Sony CP2L-1171, 1988)

A nifty South Korean issue with gatefold sleeve, lyric sheet insert and red Columbia labels.

Top value: £400

Too Fast For Love - Mötley Crüe (Leathur LR/1281-2, 1981)

The first pressing in the US has the band name written in white on the front cover. Limited to 900 copies.

Top value: £250

Bevis Through The Looking Glass (The Great Magnet Disaster) - The Bevis Frond (Woronzow W00 512, 1987)

Walthamstow’s one-man cottage industry produced 500, signed by Nick Saloman, with booklet insert.

Top value: £75

The State We’re In - The Dogs D’Amour (Kumibeat GULP 4, 1984)

A cult Nordic following for the rough’n’ready London four-piece led to this ultra-rare Finnish album release.

Top value: £160

Valuations by Alan Williams.

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