Sydney riff-wielders Lo! unveil a surreal new video for the track Locust Christ

Lo! Promo pic 2017

Sydney-based riff-wielders Lo! have a habit of throwing you in at the deep end, both musically and visually. Their 2015 video for the track Orca featured frontman Sam Dillon wearing little else but a gallon of rather fetching pink goo, while their EPs and albums mix sludge, grind, the kind of charged, expansive dynamics that could swallow a small hamlet and an all-round level of sonic battery that’s likely to rearrange your internal organs before you know what’s happened.

As their label, Pelagic Records, gears up to celebrate 10-years of foisting records full of adventurous extremity into the arms of more intrepid listeners, Lo! themselves are about to unveil a new album, Vestigial, on October 6, and we have a special preview in the short but also mentally short-circuiting form of a video for the track Locust Christ.

Not so much starting at the deep end as leading you along a seemingly regular seabed before tumbling into a deep trench, its depiction of a normal-seeming couple in a car soon turns into something altogether more steamy, and more alien, as they get it on to galloping grooves and the sound of your innards huddling together and deciding to stage a coup.

So without further ado, park yourself down, steel your loins and prepare yourself for the morphing mania that is Locust Christ below!

Check out Lo!’s Facebook page here, and pre-order Vestigial here!

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