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Sweet Child O' Mine covered by thumb puppet band Thumbs N' Roses

Thumbs N' Roses
Thumbs N' Roses (Image credit: Youtube)

Youtube user samuraiguitarist has come up with a novel approach to covering the Guns N’ Roses classic Sweet Child O’ Mine. A disciple of the play-all-the-instruments-yourself school of rock, he’s produced a split-screen video where he cleverly plays the song’s different parts, but with an added visual bonus: thumb puppets.

In the clip, thumb puppet Slash, thumb puppet Duff, thumb puppet Steven and thumb puppet Izzy can be seen performing the song’s iconic intro before thumb puppet Axl glides into view to nail the vocal on slide guitar.

“I make a wide range of musical content on YouTube,” boasts sumuraiguitarist. “Whether it be wacky covers of your favourite songs, instructional “Sensei Series” or ranting vlogs, I release a new video every week.”

Sumuraiguitarist’s previous videos include a version of (Don’t Fear) The Reaper performed entirely on iPad, and a cover of Queen’s Bicycle Race made with the aid of an actual bicycle.

Sweet Indian Child O' Mine