Sport: Eddie Vedder

You’re a sports nut who’s recorded songs for his baseball team, the Chicago Cubs. And you’re into basketball and football. Is it Chicago all the way for you?

Well, Chicago basketball was a thing that was big because I have a good friend called Dennis Rodman and that whole period with Michael Jordan was pretty exciting. I used to take my grandma to the game, sit in front. But in baseball I grew up going to Wrigley Field, and it’s the smallest… It would be like going to the oldest cricket club or something, and just having the vibe of the building, because your grandpa used to take you there. And they always lose, you know? Which is a character builder. I’m glad I came from that.

Do you like any other sports?

I’m into, obviously, surfing in the ocean and pedalling in canoes and then things on the water. And competition axe-throwing is the one I’m taken by right now [laughs].

You have a baseball pitch in your warehouse.

Yeah, we put that in for the crew a couple of years ago. It was a surprise. But here, let me show you this picture of axe-throwing.

_Sounds like one of those odd sports where people throw trees, dwarves and things. _

They throw axes at dwarves? Let me show you. This was yesterday, I was showing my daughter how to throw an axe. See, it’s like a big old dartboard, but just with axes.

So you’ve got one at home?


And people wonder why there’s no aggression in the band?

Right. We get it all out.