Slayer, Motorhead and Iron Maiden release heavy metal socks

Stance metal socks

Have you ever just looked at your ankles and thought ‘Boy, I wish I could see heavy metal artwork instead of my own stinking skin’? Well, lucky for you streetwear company Stance has created the Legends Of Metal range to hide your unsightly Hobbit feet with three of the greatest bands OF ALL TIME.

Collaborating with Iron Maiden, Slayer and Motorhead, the new collection will turn your feet into some of metal’s most iconic artwork. Why wouldn’t you want Iron Maiden and Motorhead’s self-titled albums on your feet? Or Slayer’s Show No Mercy record? If you’ve got to wear a boring suit to your boring job, you might as well defend the faith at every given opportunity. We wear Cannibal Corpse Y-fronts all the time, just to stick it to the man.

There’s no word yet on whether the Legends Of Metal collaboration will expand to include more bands, but we’d be all over some Master Of Puppets or Black Sabbath toe-warmers. Can someone make that happen please? Ta.

You can get your dose of metal socks from the official Stance store now.

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