Road Trippin': Black Moth

How excited are you about supporting L7?

Harriet Bevan [vocals]: “It’s unquantifiable. We’re somewhere between winning the lottery and discovering the elixir of life.”/o:p

How much did that grunge era influence Black Moth?

“Massively. Grunge was probably our first introduction to heavy music when we were in our early teens. I remember meeting Jimmy [Black Moth guitarist] at school and he was reading a Nirvana biography. I was a big fan but he was really obsessed with Alice In Chains. We formed our first band by the time we were 14, and our set consisted of Nirvana and Pixies covers. I think the bands you fall in love with most deeply are the ones that got you through your teens.”

What do you have planned for your headline show in London?

“We’ll play a killer set of Black Moth hits, of course, but also a couple of surprises… we’ve been working on some props and there may even be a very special celebrity guest…”

How rock’n’roll are you, on a scale of 1 to 10?

“Well that depends on your idea of rock’n’roll. If you mean do any of us have issues with megalomania/hard drugs or indeed a steady supply of groupies then you’ve probably got the wrong band. See our song Undead King Of Rock’N’Roll from our latest album Condemned To Hope for more details. If you mean destroying crossword puzzles and being bad-pun-geniuses, however, then we are off the freakin’ badass scale!”

Do you have any pre- or post-gig rituals?

“We usually chill out to a bit of yacht rock, sometimes accompanied by a bit of light self-flagellation. Then we stare at our iPhones for a bit before somebody summons us out of the postmodern technological zombie slumber. At this point in time we do rugby chants and chest bumping before hitting the stage. Psyched.”/o:p


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