Road To Bloodstock 2015: Napalm Death

In another instalment of Metal Hammer’s Road To Bloodstock series, we have a quick chat with Napalm Death frontman Barney Greenway about playing the iconic metalfest and if grindcore can prevail in the August sunshine.

How does it feel to be playing the main stage at Bloodstock this year? “As far as I recall, we’ve played the main stage the two times we played there previously. I dunno, I’ve never set my stall out on the vastness or prominence of stage – we’ll go like the clappers even if they set us up inside a portaloo.”

What memories do you have of Bloodstock? “Well, to us it’s kind of like going to the pub as it’s all local to us, and we intimately know everybody from the gear rental people to many of the volunteers. So it’s all very cozy and nice.”

You’re on in the middle of the day, can dirty grindcore prevail in the August sunshine? “Talking of dirty, I had an unfortunate personal onstage episode there last time, but I won’t go any further into that… Grindcore is an all-weather pursuit, though. Come what may, to me it’s the ultimate medium of adventure and resilience rain or shine. With something so full-on, we will barge our way through any hint of sunny despondency.”

**Who would you recommend to watch at Bloodstock? **“It has to be Godflesh. Pure steamrolling power.”

In one sentence, why should people come and watch you guys at Bloodstock? “We are horrible noise and humanity all rolled into one.”

Weekend and day tickets for Bloodstock are available here.

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