Prog's Tracks Of The Week

Here’s some music that various members of the Prog team have been grooving to this week…

A noticeable lack of prog stars passing this week means no tribute mentions, but rather people have been concentrating on what new or old prig has been making life more enjoyable for them this week. So here’s the selection of music from the editorial team, Prog writer Chris Cope, and the final Limelight selection from Prog 54. Enjoy…

Editor - Jerry Ewing

Anekdoten - Get Out Alive

Can you believe that there hasn’t actually been anew Anekdoten album since Prog again has been up and running? Fortunately Nicklas Barker and band haven’t been resting on their laurels, and new album Until All The Ghosts Are Gone is almost with us. Eight years may be a long wait, byt the sound of Get Out Alive suggests it’s been well worth it…

Deputy Editor - Hannah May Kilroy

Enslaved - Thurisaz Dreaming Don’t let the opening harsh vocals throw you – this first track from the Norwegians’ new album is full of proggy surprises.

Art Editor - Russell Fairbrother

Heights - Solar (Bringer Of Chaos), Lunar (Bringer Of Light)

News Editor - Natasha Scharf

The Enid - Witch Hunt

I’m still buzzing from The Enid’s amazing show at The Union Chapel earlier this week. The band crammed so much into their conceptual performance but the bonkers Witch Hunt was a real highlight. This footage is taken from a rehearsal a couple of years ago although it doesn’t capture even half the energy of that live show. Roll on another live DVD!

Reviews Editor - Grant Moon

Native Construct - Mute

Very interested to see what the Prog readership will make of this newly-minted Berklee brigade. Will the post-rock parts alienate the golden-agers? Will the pronk pieces revolt the neo fans? Or will we all step back from the comments section, have a big communal listen and decide that, whatever label we put on this, it’s actually a pretty stunning piece of music. The album Quiet World (out in April on Metal Blade) promises to be quite something indeed.

Writer - Chris Cope

Birds And Buildings - Birds Flying Into Buildings Birds Flying Into Buildings has just turned seven years old, but its sound is rooted in bygone decades, channelling zeuhl/jazz fusion to forge a nine-minute instrumental journey through a maelstrom of intrepid chops, phantasmagorical prog blow-outs and sax madness. Hopefully, no birds were harmed in the making of this song.

Limelight Band

Mike Kershaw - Farewell Farewell is taken from Mike’s latest EP, Departure. Mike was made redundant in 2007 and has since immersed himself in a musical career described as “melodic, folky with understated grandeur…”.

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