Prog Me: Neal Morse



It would be difficult to do what I do without my Macs. I record all my ideas on my iPhone and then I use the laptop but I don’t have as many backups as I should. I lost a drive at a hotel in Frankfurt last year and I don’t even know what was on it.


I guess music or The Bible.


That’s probably my grandparents’ Bible from the 1800s – I don’t know how I wound up with it because I wasn’t always religious but I love the way old books smell and I love old book shops very much.


All The Beatles records, Close To The Edge by Yes and King Crimson’s Red – I like a lot of the albums from your Greatest Prog Albums list [Prog 48], actually! My favourite TV show at the moment is Downton Abbey and I really like the films Field Of Dreams and Dead Poet’s Society. I like any art that moves me in some way – anything that causes a real reaction, from old Marx Brothers movies to big blockbusters.


I like good food of all types, especially spicy ethnic stuff, like Indian, Mexican and Italian food. I drink Perrier a lot and I’ve developed a real taste for good coffee and lattes recently as well.