Prepare yourselves: Epica are about to unleash the most bombastic livestream event of the year

A graphic of the Epica poster art
(Image credit: Epica)

By this point, we all know that the last year has been a bit of a slog for musicians. With live music a no-go for reasons we really don't need to go into, livestreams have become the new norm, taking the place of the concert experience until we can all get sweaty in a room together again. 

But even as bands look towards live music kicking up again, they're still finding new ways to one-up each other and boggle the minds of their audiences when it comes to their interactive shows. Well, Epica are, anyway. Calling their upcoming Omega Alive livestream event "bigger, better, more epic" than anything that's come before, they promise it's going to be the biggest show they've ever done.

Below, Epica’s Coen Janssen talks us through what we can expect from the big event.

Tune in on June 12 to see exactly what the band have in store. Tickets are available from their official site.