Oceano Tour Diary: Part One

Greetings from the Oceano camp! Kasper (guitarist) here to give a little insight as to what the band has been up to for the last week or so.

Like most first weeks of tour (especially a headlining tour) it’s not so much as what will go wrong, but when and how much is it going to cost? Aside from fixing our trailer a few times the tour has been going very well. The support on this run – The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Lorna Shore, Boris The Blade and Martyr Defiled – have been nothing more than crushing and just solid people to be around.

Last week we were honoured to play a main stage at the Texas festival South By So What. It was just absolutely insane sharing the stage with good friends like Within The Ruins and Veil Of Maya to name a few.

Aside from the good company and shows we are definitely a band who love to eat, and in particular Adam Warren (singer) is a self-proclaimed Burrito Aficionado – so we are constantly on the hunt for the perfect burrito rig.

As a whole this tour has been going well and the release of our fourth record Ascendants has been at the forefront of our priorities, it truly radiates a different vibe of aggressive writing which we all feel was necessary for our next record. We’re looking forward to the following weeks of tour, but more importantly the new people to meet and places waiting to be discovered!

Stay tuned until next time and question everything.

Adam meeting a fan (complete with bloody butcher’s apron)