Norwegian metallers Cor Scorpii stream their epic new album in full

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Formed in 2004 as an offshoot of the revered Windir, and part of Sogndal, Norway’s Sognametal scene that includes Vreid and Mistur, Cor Scorpii are purveyors of an epic yet still satisfyingly rough-hewn take on folk/black metal that’s about to find its most potent outlet yet with the imminent release of their second album, Ruin.

Released on June 15 via Dark Essence Records, Ruin is a far-sighted and often furious opus where romanticism tramples over pomp as elemental yet open-ended rifs snake through Thomas S Øvstedal’s caustic vocals, occasional operatic chants, as well as touches of mandolin and accordion that never tip into tweeness.

If that all sounds like a tantalising prospect, then praise the gods of whatever realm you deem to be your final destiny, because we’re streaming Ruins in all its sky-raising glory.

“This album, created over a period of almost 10 years,” say the band themselves, “is an amalgam of our very different inspirations and reference points. All melded together in a blend of the atmospheric, the grandiose and the ferocious music that we enjoy. It is possible to feel more than one emotion, and we think we express that emotional diversity in our music.”

So without further ado, run up a hill, call down devastation upon your foes and leave a long, claw-raising shadow upon the landscape below as you listen to Ruins right here!

Check out Cor Scorpii's Facebook page here and pre-order Ruin here!

Jonathan Selzer

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