New Howlin' Rain live album streaming now


Last time Than Miller's Howlin' Rain released an album, we didn't hold back in our praise. "If only all records were as rapturous as this", we said.

Third albums are supposed to be difficult, but The Russian Winds didn’t appear to be difficult at all. Now Howlin’ Wind have returned with a live album, keeping with the weather theme to release Live Rain.

It’s not officially out until next week, but is available for streaming now. The album was recorded in various locations on the band’s 2012 world tour, and boasts a track listing that includes Roll On The Rusted Days, Dancers At The End Of Time, Hung Out In The Rain, Phantom In The Valley and a sprawling version of Self Made Man.[](

Bonus footage: Here’s Roll On The Rusted Years, recorded live on the Russian Winds tour.[](