My New Year's Resolutions: New Years Day's Ash Costello

Every January 1, millions of people vow that they’ll spend the following 12 months doing things a little differently.

Take up jogging. Sure. Eat a salad once in a while. Right. Watch less television. Who are these people? We’re only lying to ourselves.

But one person we believe in is Ash Costello. For reasons entirely associated with her band’s name, we challenged the New Years Day vocalist to come up with her 10 resolutions for 2016. Let’s hope she can stick to them. We couldn’t. Especially numbers 2 to 10. And the first one.

“I’ve always loved New Year,” says Ash. “I love how it’s symbolic of a fresh start and an opportunity for change. So here are my 10 resolutions for 2016…

1. My first New Year’s resolution is to keep my New Year’s resolutions going all year!

2. I hate water! I’m a coffee and Dr. Pepper addict, so I want to drink more water and tea and less coffee! It sounds horrible but I’m going to go for it.

3. I’m not a morning person. I’m a night owl so I tend to stay up all night and sleep into the day. I’m going to try and get up bright and early from now on!

4. This year I am going to attempt to go vegetarian. I’m an Italian girl, so meat was a major part of my diet growing up, so it’s going to be difficult to quit. I have so much compassion for animals that I’m really going to go for it!

5. I tend to do things even if I know they’re bad for me, so this year I want to pay more attention to my intuition and stay away from everything and everyone negative for me.

6. I’m going to give up donuts for breakfast! Yes, I’m an addict. It’s hard to stop, but 2016 will be the year of no donuts!

7. I have a lot of big ideas, but rarely find the time to tackle them. This year, it’s all about chasing the big dreams! I’m going to make time.

**8. **I don’t think I went to the gym at all in 2015, and I used to love working out. So, next year I’m going to get back on the bandwagon – or the treadmill, rather.

9. I want to quit fast food completely. It’s hard being a touring musician – fast food is usually all that we can find.

10. I’m going to work harder at being a positive person in general!

New Years Day’s new album Malevolence is out now through Another Century.