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My Favourite Horror Film: Behemoth

It's a weird question – can one of the word's most evil bands actually be scared by a horror movie? Or do they just laugh at the splatter of fake blood then go sacrifice a puppy for kicks? Well Behemoth's Inferno loves 1977's Suspiria – although it doesn't necessarily scare him.

Suspiria, in my opinion, is the most interesting movie directed by maestro Dario Argento,” declares the death metal sticksman. “The film is the first of the Argento’s trilogy called The Three Mothers. In short, it’s about a young ballet dancer who attends a ballet academy and after while it occurs that the place is run by a witch. The background for the movie is at an amazing location – a famous old university town on the edge of the Black Forest, in the southwest Germany. It has mystical interiors, shock cuts and coloured lights.”

But as music and horror buffs amongst you are no doubt aware, Suspiria is also famed for it’s soundtrack by the infamous Goblin. The Italian proggers had worked with Argento previously and actually recorded the music before the film was even made, which gives you an insight into just how twisted and dark the band’s mindset is on any given day. The band also recorded the soundtrack for Zombi (the European version of Dawn Of The Dead).

“An essential and important part of the movie is the soundtrack,” says Inferno. “It’s dynamic, full of emotion and anxiety. Whispering vocals with beautiful piano sounds create a soundscape that brings the imagery of witchcraft and overwhelming grimness.”

But it’s not just the music he’s interested in…

“I could not skip one of the most beautiful murder scenes I have ever seen – it’s really disturbing and meaningful. A masterpiece!”