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Meet VOLA: Denmark's latest head-turning, genre-bending prog crew

A press shot of Vola Express taken in 2016

Weighty riffs, gloomy, ambient soundscrapes, gutteral grooves and meandering melodies are just some of the reasons fans from across the spectrum are losing their minds for Copenhagen quartet Vola.

“We’re all fans of melody and a great groove,” says frontman Asger Mygind. “The music has to be fun to play, and while the melody seems to satisfy one part of the brain, the bodily movement to the beat seems to satisfy another. So Vola’s core is heavily groove–based, melodic rock topped off with various other elements such as metal and electronica.”

With debut album Inmazes offering 10 scintillating, adventurous bursts of noise, Vola look set to be satisfying a lot of fans around the world very soon.

“Our aim is to always reflect and to take the music places it hasn’t been before,” adds Asger. “If we can get listeners to come with us, we can’t ask for more.”

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