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Malcolm Young: tell us what he meant to you

Malcolm Young
Malcolm Young (Image credit: Getty Images)

On Friday December 1, the next issue of Classic Rock magazine will go on sale in quality newsagents across the land. In the days before that, copies will arrive with subscribers.

We imagine a lot of people will look at the cover and ask themselves, “Where the hell is Malcolm Young?”

Because he’s not on the cover.

There’s a good reason for this: the magazine went to press just before Young died. There’s no easy way to change the cover once it’s been printed, nor can we add any kind of meaningful tribute inside.

So we’ll be paying tribute to Malcolm Young in the following issue, which is published on Tuesday January 2.

And we’d like your help. We’d like to hear what Malcolm meant to you. And we’ll run your stories alongside those of the musicians we speak to. Did you ever meet Malcolm? Were you inspired to pick up guitar by his playing? Do you have a favourite memory of Malcolm?

Write your stories in the comments section below — and we’ll use the best as we pay tribute.

Thank you.

Malcolm Young: The Rock World pays tribute to the AC/DC icon