Listen to Huxtable's hard-riffing new EP Change Shape Future

A press shot of Huxtable

Scottish alt-rock duo Huxtable are streaming their brand new EP, Change Shape Future, exclusively on TeamRock. While there may only be two of them, the band – whose signature brand of snarling, scuzz-laden rock takes its cues from everyone from Biffy Clyro to the New York Dolls – have managed to develop a massive sound that far outstrips the sum of their parts, coining the term ‘riff-rock’ in the process. Plus there’s kazoos. What more could you want?

Frontman Jordan Yates and drummer Marc William Brown join us to tell us more about Change Shape Future and what they have lined up for next, and you can hear the EP in full below.

What’s the story behind Change Shape Future, and how did it come about?

Jordan: “We had recorded a single with JP Reid (Succioperro/Marmaduke Duke) and the sessions we spent with him really inspired us – it made us rethink our entire writing process. Off the back of working with him, I just sort of went into songwriting beast mode! We ended up with 30-odd songs and really wanted to make an album, but we felt the time wasn’t quite right yet, so focused our efforts to make the best EP we possibly could. Although, having lived with these songs for the best part of a year, we are kind of like ‘Ehhhh… can’t tell if this is actually any good anymore!’ Saying that, the response from the two songs we’ve had out before this has been immense! We feel really fortunate.”

What’s your favourite story or memory from recording the EP?

Broono: “It was probably when Jordan brought out the kazoo to record the solo for Don’t Do Anything Fancy. Our producer Mark Morrow was absolutely gobsmacked, [I] think he was surprised at how it worked out, too!”

Jordan: “I remember the day I wrote that – it just came to me that I needed a kazoo, so I ran from our studio to the local music shop, got one, came back and recorded the demo for it. It was like a bolt of lightning, man. Everyone that heard the demo told me to get rid of it, too! So glad I didn’t.”

Do you think that, as a two-piece, people underestimate you and what you’re capable of?

Broono: “I think to a certain extent yes. [It’s] definitely harder to create a more whole sound live as a two piece. Especially if you’re wanting it to sound close to the record.”

Jordan: “We’ve kind of used that to our advantage in the past. People were always surprised to find out that there is only the two of us on stage.”

What do you hope people will take from the EP, and your music in general?

Broono: “I guess we just want people to enjoy it, take it as the next step in our journey, Also dance their asses off AND not be able to get the hooks out of their heads!”

Jordan: “I’m just incredibly grateful when anyone takes time out of their day to check us out. The hope is they like it enough to come along for the ride.”

What do you have lined up for next?

Both: “After our launch night at King Tuts in Glasgow, we head off on a tour to promote Change Shape Future, with our very good friends Twin Heart. Super excited for that!”

Catch Huxtable on tour at one of the dates below:

Sep 29: King Tuts, Glasgow, UK
Oct 13: The Drouthy Cobbler, Elgin, UK
Oct 14: The Tooth & Claw, Inverness, UK
Oct 17: Trillians, Newcastle, UK
Oct 18: O’Rileys, Hull, UK
Oct 19: Sunbird Records, Darwen, UK
Oct 20: Alma Inn, Bolton, UK
Oct 21: Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh, UK

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