Listen to Gerard Way's cover of The Carpenter's Superstar

Gerard Way has posted a previously unreleased recording of Superstar, a song which was released as a single by The Carpenters in 1971.

Way recorded his vocal cover during My Chemical Romance’s studio sessions for The Black Parade in 2006.

“This specific recording was from the day I sang Cancer for the album,” he explained over a series of tweets. “This track was a warm up, as I used to warm up to The Carpenters [and] it brings back a lot of memories.

“There was one point where we toyed around with putting a cover song on the album, because that would have been kind of next level,” he added. “But we already had too many tracks. Realistically, it could have been, and almost was, a double album. Let’s enjoy it before the swift hammer of copyright justice comes down on us. It was a pleasure to sing. I love you, Karen Carpenter.”

Listen to the track and comment below.

This is not the first time the song has been covered by a rock band. Sonic Youth covered the song on a 1994 tribute album to The Carpenters called If I Were A Carpenter, which also featured covers by Shonen Knife, Babes In Toyland and Redd Kross.