Listen to a blistering new track from black/crust artist Dödsrit

Dödsrit promo pic, 2018

Metal Hammer is pleased to unveil the first track, Aura from the upcoming new album from Sweden’s Dödrit in conjunction with Prosthetic Records.

Sprit Crusher, the vast, emotionally charged second album from Dödsrit, fuses the coldness of black metal, the passion of Swedish d-beat punk ethics and emotionally charged glacial atmospherics. Dödsrit is the brainchild Christoffer Öster, a member of the acclaimed Totem Skin.

Christoffer comments about the new track: “The song Aura is about finding a glimpse of light in a world soaked in negativity. Sometimes it feels like everyone and everything is against you, but you can't give up and let them win.”

Spirit Crusher is released on Prosthetic Records on September 28. With four tracks clocking in at over 40 minutes, Öster suggests that the new record sees the song writing develop in a darker and more atmospheric way than the Dödsrit debut that was released on Alerta Antifascista Records, whilst not detracting from the melody and driving pace.

Lyrically, Öster focuses on social critique and the social structures within it. “Sadly fascism is becoming more popular in Sweden and in other parts of the world as well,” he laments,. “Things become scary when there is an ‘us and them’ mentality. And this is something I reflect lyric-wise. “ It’s not just society that impacts his songwriting. Living in a small, isolated town in Sweden has made quite an impact on him. Öster elaborates, “I would say I can't stand being in cities or crowded places. There is a huge relief and freedom that you can just go straight out in the forest here and not see people for days if you want to. There is a calmness and almost escapism out there you can't find anywhere else. It's the perfect breeding ground for creativity, at least for me.”

Escape into the wilds with Aura below!

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And pre-order Spirit Crusher here!

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