Limelight: No Sin Evades His Gaze

The five young and talented members of No Sin Evades His Gaze would make any budding musician green with envy.

Having been together for less than a year, the prog-inspired heavy tech act are taking the UK by storm through stellar live performances and a solid first album Age Of Sedation.

“Three minutes before our set, we had no audience so we were getting pretty worried, but then by the time we walked on, the room was half-full,” vocalist and frontman James Denton bravely admits while discussing their triumphant second show at Tech Fest.

Originally from London, Blackpool and Scotland, these ambitious lads demonstrate elaborate musical maturity despite the fact that one of the members is not even old enough to legally drink yet.

It’s fair to say that usually bands start out with a Facebook page and some demos before jumping on the tour and YouTube wagon; however, these guys are proving that there is nothing usual about them, as they rise to fame by doing everything backwards.

“We took a year to get the album together but we have only been out publicly for two months,” says Denton. “At first there was a lot of: ‘Who the hell are they?’ And that was exactly what we were looking for.”

So far so good, as the band have begun planting their groovy tech-metal seeds at various summer festivals including Bloodstock, Mammothfest, Out Of The Ashes Festival and Headbangers Ball.

Bassist and prog enthusiast Matthew “Moat” Lowe admits, “We have such an array of influences so there is no limit from where we draw ideas. I take my inspiration mainly from prog’s weird tonalities and instrumentals. Bands like Haken, Steven Wilson, Opeth and Dream Theater. James and the others bring in the heavier influences with big hooks and growling vocals.”

The band’s misleading metalcore name is nothing to be put off by when you hear Denton explain the mature influences of his new fruitful musical project and self-proclaimed “brainchild”: “You always aim to go back to the first influences that got you into music. I remember listening to Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer’s classical music soundtracks when I was younger and these helped me to write chord progressions.”

No Sin Evades His Gaze is a collaboration between gifted musicians from contrasting backgrounds, who share a similar energy for blending genres. “Our band is rhythmically driven and it is the percussion sound that drives it, but I do believe that there is nothing like a good riff,” says Denton. “Taking groovy metal riffs and applying them to techy prog is kind of our niche.”

Having released their debut album to rave reviews, No Sin Evades His Gaze prove they value quality over quantity and that’s guaranteed to earn them success in the prog scene.

Isere Lloyd-Davis

Isère is an international journalist and Prog magazine contributor since 2014. With over 15 years of experience in print, online and radio journalism, Isère’s feature articles and reviews have been published in music, art, fashion, interior design and travel publications. Having interviewed over a hundred bands since her music journalist career began, Isère has a knack for discovering new talent and projecting emerging artists into the limelight. She specialises in obscure progressive music, occult rock and extreme metal, and in her spare time, Isère is mostly watching live music, visiting art galleries and learning Russian.