Jess And The Ancient Ones stream their psychedelic new album in full

Once asked if he practiced black or white magick, occult artist extraordinaire and buddy of Aleister Crowley, Austen Osman Spare stared down disdainfully at his earnest interlocutor and declared “Magic is colourful!”

It’s a lesson Finland’s Jess & The Ancient Ones have seemingly taken to heart. Woven around the soaring and impeccable vocals of their eponymous frontwoman, their vivid forays into Hammond-stirred psychedelia and odes to astral realms, discoverer of LSD, Albert Hoffman and various other counter-cultural bearers of enlightenment have always been awash in a multitude of sonic hues that, along with Purson, have placed them at the brighter end of the occult rock spectrum.

Now trimmed down to a sprightly six-piece, the band are back with a brilliant new album, Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes, due out via Svart Records on December 11, and we’re go-go dancing with joy to present you with an exclusive stream of the album in full, lava-lamp-projecting glory.

Get out your finest rug, hold on tight, and ride the higher planes right here!

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Jess And The Ancient Ones premiere new video

Jonathan Selzer

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