Idols Of Apathy premiere Life Lessons EP

Essex techy metal machines Idols Of Apathy recently premiered their new video for Bipolar with Metal Hammer and now we’ve got the full Life Lessons EP for your ears to munch on!

Idols Of Apathy mainman Jack Dervish also gave us an track by track breakdown of the thoughts, feelings and painful emotions behind each track…

The song was written and fuelled on my bipolar disorder. It’s something that during the writing process of this track, before it was named, had me writing things that I haven’t said for a long time. I was hurting people I didn’t want to hurt and I was having the full effect of bad luck, bad timing with bad thoughts, all at once. The music itself contains our most angriest and positive parts of the EP and in all honesty when writing it I didn’t notice, but everything in this track is purely me at my best and worst.

**Addiction was written for the point of a lot of different thoughts and feelings in addiction, from drugs, alcohol, love and many more. It’s meant to be taken from the view that as you are becoming something or wanting something so much that it changes you into something unfamiliar and you should always take the chance to better yourself if you can find the strength and help you’ve been waiting for.

**Once A Cheat//Always
**Once A Cheat//Always came about for obvious reasons and for those feelings that a lot of us end up having, the feeling of realisation and wasted time, lost effort and the hurt of being uncared for and having your feelings thrown aside without a care. Many people have been cheated on and can relate to the track; ‘Return my tears and let me cry them for something real’.

**This is one of the most honest and venomous tracks that I’ve ever written. I was hurt, abandoned and told I was nothing. I had to leave my home because of people who were supposed to be there for me and who I had always been there for no matter what. This was the most hurt I’ve ever been in my life, I was accused of things I never did and was beyond hurt by the disgusting things I was called and the lack of respect that I was given. I was turned on and will never forget the hell I was put through. Backstabbing loved ones hurt the most.

Lessons Learnt
This is another track I feel a lot of people can relate to. Everyone messes up, we are not perfect no matter what people may say, think or assume and mistakes are made and the best thing you can think is ‘lesson learnt and move on’ and become a better person. If someone wrongs you, hurts you and then you realise they do not care enough for you to spare your feelings – you must learn from your mistake of trusting them. When you make your mistakes and hurt someone dear you must learn from what you did so as not to cause problems for yourself or others again. Lessons must always be learnt.

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