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Hot New Band: Shotgun Rodeo

Making heavy music that successfully brings past and present together is no easy task, but Norway’s Shotgun Rodeo seem to have nailed the perfect formula first time out. The young quartet’s debut album, World Wide Genocide, clearly owes a debt to the anthemic bombast of the 80s, but with plenty of Pantera-like crunch and a production that could hardly be more contemporary, it’s a breath of fresh but familiar air.

Heavy metal is salvation!

With huge choruses, explosive solos and an exhilarating stream of infectious, driving riffs, World Wide Genocide is heavy metal delivered with a cheek-splitting grin. But within its celebratory squall the Norwegians have a pertinent point or two to make.

“The title is about the thought of a metaphorical genocide, something that cleanses the world, killing off all the fake bullshit,” Nico explains. “We’re all turning into stupid people with our selfie sticks and Kim Kardashian is famous just because she’s rich and has ass implants… stuff like that, you know? We’ve got to think for ourselves.”

“Heavy metal is salvation!” Nico proclaims. “Metal shows are a place where you can let go of everything that’s burning you. There’s something in the air at those moments, and that’s priceless to me.”

World Wide Genocide is out now via Pure Grain Audio