Heavy Metal Halloween: Shawn 'Clown' Crahan


You've forgotten to plan ahead for your mate's Halloween party again haven't you? All your other mates are talking about their matching outfits from 90s TV shows and you still have no clue what to go as (and you can't ironically go as yourself for a third year). Luckily we've got some ideas for you, here's how to become Clown from Slipknot!

**What You’ll Need **A blue or red boiler suit (£5 on eBay) A tomato A bottle of Coke A marker pen A swimming hat Some spaghetti Some Swizzels Matlow Fun Gums Juicy Lips A baseball bat.

What You’ll Need To Do Put on the boiler suit (obviously, you idiot) Slice a small cut into the tomato and place it on your nose Peel off the barcode on the label of the Coke and glue it to your chest Draw some big eyebrows on your face Put the swimming hat on Cook the spaghetti and glue it to the side of your head Eat all the fun gums apart from one, which should be licked and stuck to your lips Use the baseball bat to bang absolutely anything and everything in sight really really hard

There you have it – you’re now Clown!

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