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Hammer's Tracks Of The Week: 29/6/15 - 5/7/15

It’s a bloody heatwave! So check out what’s been kicking up a stinky sweat in the Hammer office this week…

The Night Flight Orchestra – The Heather Reports

Dom Lawson (Editor-At-Large): “A lot of so-called (contemporary) classic rock bores me to tears, but this band nail those good time vibes every time. Speed (from Soilwork, in case you didn’t know) puts in a towering vocal performance on this gloriously self-indulgent epic from the insane hook-fest that is new album Skyline Whispers. The perfect heatwave soundtrack.”

Lamb Of God – Overlord

Eleanor Goodman (Features Editor): “Randy does clean singing for the first time, his haunting tones dancing over a darkly violent noir video.” Luke Morton (Online Editor): “If you’re not sold on the new Lamb Of God album after this then I feel bad for you. Crank it loud.”

Ecstatic Vision – Don’t Kill The Vibe

Jonathan Selzer (Reviews/Subterranea Editor): “This is pretty much what would happen if a crew of Hells Angels teamed up with The Silver Surfer.”

Thy Art Is Murder – Holy War

Merlin Alderslade (Deputy Editor): “A choice cut from one of the best metal albums of the year so far. Get angry.”

Soulfly – We Sold Our Souls To Metal

Alexander Milas (Editor-In-Chief): “Total, unadulterated fist-pumping joy from King Cavalera.”