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Hammer's Tracks Of The Week: 25/5/15 - 31/5/15

This weekend the Metal Hammer office was spread across the south of England at either Camden Rocks, Temples Festival or Deathwish Festival. That’s a lot of rock and metal. But what have we been listening to when not getting our weekend booze on?

Burgerkill – Undefeated

Dom Lawson (Editor-At-Large): “One of my favourite metal bands on the planet with a face-flaying taster from their forthcoming album. If you’re heading to Bloodstock this summer, do not miss Burgerkill’s first ever UK show. This band fucking rule.”

Meta-Stasis – Disintegrate

Alexander Milas (Editor-In-Chief): “A toxic spillage of blast-beating, industrial-loving bombast and hate from the London-based freaks who brought you Ted Maul. Listen at your peril.”

Thy Art Is Murder – Light Bearer

Merlin Alderslade (Deputy Editor): “A ferocious slice of modern DM heaviness from one of the best metal albums of the year so far. Glorious.”

Converge – Jane Doe

Luke Morton (Online Editor): “Blasting through one of the most intense performances of the year yesterday, Converge closed the night on this ballsy bastard and I’m pretty sure the venue is now in a different post code.”