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GALLERY: The Sights Of Knotfest 2014

Throughout the week we've been bringing you galleries of all the killer bands that graced Knotfest last weekend, but now it's time to turn the camera on the people who make festivals REALLY memorable – you lot.

Were you at Knotfest? Did you see a camera? Well your face could well be in our gallery showcasing the sights of the Cali weekender. From moshtastic crowds to masked maggots to blood-splattered ragers – the San Manuel Amphitheatre had it all.

We also spotted the most metal skeleton on the planet, just look at it!

It’s got bullets for ribs! Do you have bullets for ribs? No, your ribs are made of bone like a wuss. But if you’re anything like us you’re certainly wanting to see what else Knotfest had in store for the thousands of sun-soaked maggots – including rotting goat heads. Obviously.

Check out the full gallery below:

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Luke Morton