Finnish grindcore kings Rotten Sound release a sense-shattering new video

Rotten Sound promo pic, Keijo Niinimaa, 2016
Rotten Sound's Keijo Niinimaa (Image credit: Mika Aalto)

It’s a common occurrence: you’re watching one of the world’s best grindcore bands live, getting smashed silly in the pit and you think to yourself, I wonder what this would be like from the perspective of some disembodied spirit whose power of teleportation was on the blink, but weirdly in time with monstrous, ravenous groove?

Thankfully your prayers have been answered, in the form of the official video for Rotten Sound’s Trashmonger, taken from last year’s pummelling, Season Of Mist-released Abuse To Suffer album. With a run-time of little more than a minute’s duration, which it is all the time it takes to devastate your senses, it’s a live recording whose rapid editing and rabid performance is likely to induce seizures in the elderly but offer a hyper-kinetic thrill ride to most everyone else.

Fix your unsuspecting eyes on Trashmonger right here, and make sure you don’t play it to your nan, unless she’s like, super-cool, or something.

Check out Rotten Sound’s Facebook page here

And order Abuse To Suffer here!

Jonathan Selzer

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