Feral Brazilian metallers Grave Desecrator stream their new album in full

Grave Desecrator promo pic 2016
(Image credit: Maria Goncalves)

From Sarcophago and Sepultura through to Mystifier and Krisiun, the Brazilian metal scene has always had its roots in the most feral end of the metal spectrum, and Grave Desecrator are no exception.

Forged in Rio de Janeiro in 1998, the band’s scorched-black take on death metal was burrowing into the most atavistic outposts of human consciousness long before our current wave occult death metal took hold. But as their impending third album (yeah, they’re not prolific) Dust To Lust proves, they aren’t afraid to evolve either.

Still gargling on the sulphur-tainted, Stygian tar that forms death metal’s gene pool, Dust To Lust seamlessly embraces a range of dynamics without any hint of compromise or sense that it comes out anything other than brute, if finely tuned instinct. As well as sounding like they’re burrowing into the depths of the earth, you’ll also find traces of melody that suggest they’ve been munching on the bones of Carcass, doomy moments that could be a mating call for Obituary and lead breaks that rankle like a replicating, diseased strain.

Above all, Dust To Lust is extreme metal in its most potent form, and we are proud to host an exclusive stream of the album in all its soul-fouling glory. So journey to the far end of your nearest cave, invoke some swirling, ill-intentioned entity, The Mummy-style, and throw yourself into the maelstrom that is Dust To Lust below!

Dust To Lust is released via Season Of Mist on July 1

Pre-order it here

And dig deep into Grave Desecrator’s Facebook page here!

Jonathan Selzer

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