Exclusive: Stream the new Nexilva album now

If you're like us and love your metal loud, fast and deathy then you really should wrap your ears round the debut album from northern ragers Nexilva.

Hailing from the north of England, this bunch of twenty-somethings have just released their debut album ‘Eschatologies’ and it’s a healthy dose of proggy death metal. It’s angry, it’s dark, it’s technical and we’re fully in.

But don’t worry if you’re not usually into the extreme side of metal, it’s not just deathy madness. “There’s all sorts of things going on that you wouldn’t normally hear in a death metal band,” says drummer Connor Jobes. “I do believe that how diverse our sound can be means we can appeal to people from most scenes.”

So no matter which side your metal toast is buttered, give ‘Eschatologies’ a spin, then check out our interview in the new issue of Metal Hammer. Listen below!

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