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Download the new Cytota single for free

Currently tearing up the UK as support to Memphis May Fire, Cytota are the latest band from the fecund Midlands rock scene making waves. Here's a quick introduction to the band from drummer Harry Jennings.

Before people download the new single, what’s Sinnocence about?

“In general Sinnocence is about conflict. This could be between a group of friends, family, countries or even within yourself, it’s everywhere.”

You’re on a UK tour with Memphis May Fire at present: how have things been going?

“Most importantly it’s been fun. We’re all really enjoying hanging out with bands we’ve been listening to for years, we saw MMF at Warped tour last November and we couldn’t even imagine we’d be touring with them 6 months later. The crowds have been great and the fans are the best. Also a loads of lessons have been learnt on this tour, we feel we are really ready to hit the music scene with everything we have. It’s a real confidence booster being on such a great tour.”

You’re set to appear at the Team Rock-sponsored Camden Rocks festival on May 31: what do you make of the current state of UK rock music?

“It’s thriving. We come from Birmingham, which is known for its rock/metal, so we have loads of really exciting young bands coming out of our area, and it’s great to be part of that thriving scene. Everywhere we tour across the country it seems that bands are doing just fine and the rock scene is getting more and more popular with bands like Bring Me The Horizon hitting it big all round the world. The rock scene feels like one big family, we’d love to see it expand and get more bands touring representing their home town.”

Describe the current Cytota mindset in just 5 words.

“Cytota. Are. Here. To. Stay.”

Download Sinnocence here: