Download TeamRock Radio's 21st Century Blues documentary for free!

TeamRock Radio presenter Big Boy Bloater’s 21st Century Blues documentary is now available for free via Soundcloud.

During this 50-minute programme, produced by Pete Bailey, Big Boy Bloater takes an inside look at the blues scene today, how it got here, and why it’s still relevant. The documentary features interviews from John Mayall, Jimmy Thomas and Mud Morganfield – the son of Muddy Waters.

There are also appearances from the new breed of players like Joe Bonamassa, Marcus Bonfanti and Joanne Shaw Taylor – as well as a host of other stars from the blues world. The documentary is a reflection of where the blues is at today, it’s potential future, and why, after 100 years, people keep coming back to it.

TeamRock’s Head of Radio, Moose, says: “What is fascinating about 21st Century Blues is how it relates to the story of rock as a whole. To hear the artists perspective as they seek an audience for the music they love through times thick and thin is not only telling but foreboding.

“Rock stems from the blues and all genres would do well to take heed of the example of the level of passion and perseverance required to endure.”

Download the show below for free.