Dom's Iron Sandwich: Korn – The Serenity Of Suffering

Dom Lawson

On October 21, Korn will be releasing their 12th studio album The Serenity Of Suffering and we here at Metal Hammer are bloody excited. So much so, that we went and stuck them on the front cover of this month’s issue! Fans of the old-school Bakersfield bunch should be drooling at the prospect of this record as it harks back to the band’s earlier, heavier, Korn-ier days. But don’t just take these words on a screen for it, have a listen to what Hammer’s bearded wonder Dom Lawson has to say!

In the latest episode of Iron Sandwich, or as Dom puts it “An idiot talking shit for 15 minutes”, our laptop-wrangling reviewer explains just why The Serenity Of Suffering is “The best Korn album in a very long time” and “The heaviest thing they’ve done since Untouchables”. He even uses the word ‘radbanger’, so make of that what you will.

The Serenity Of Suffering is out October 21, via Roadrunner Records.

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