Continents are streaming new album Reprisal in full

Welsh metallic hardcore mobsters Continents are releasing their new album on Friday (30 October) but Metal Hammer are streaming it in full right now!

Due for release on Victory Records, Continents’ second full-length Reprisal is another solid dose of crunching hardcore ferocity from deepest, darkest South Wales. Judge for yourself below!

Frontman Phil Cross also gave us an in-depth guide to each track on the album…

Drowned In Hate
“This was aimed at myself and forever dwelling on past mistakes. It’s as if I’m shouting at myself in the mirror telling myself to get a grip for caring to much what others thought.”

Scorn is all about needing a change in life, but struggling to find the push in yourself to overcome being constantly pessimistic.”

Life Of Misery
“This is about my feelings to music industry; thinking it was over, feeling confined, not being able to do what we wanted to do, no one answering our questions on where to go. The whole song was originally structured around a casket, the note on the grave thing was our fans at shows telling us to carry on and do this album.”

The Stand
“This song is just a genuine hate for that person who once claimed to be a friend. Everyone has their own story this is ours.”

“This is about breaking free and exploring life, finding out who you are, forgetting petty bullshit, and making time for the things you love most.”

**“This is about me losing confidence to sing and track on this album, having to battle my inner demons and beating my anxiety.”

**Love Loathe Loss
**“Sometimes at a low point in life, people’s expectations of you can become overwhelming – especially when you’re giving your all. This is about ignoring figures on a screen if you’re feeling down. Live on the edge and go grab that thing you wanted five years ago and try achieve something with it. Everybody has something they love and people need to stop looking at things negatively and focus on high points of what you’re trying to achieve.”

The Defeatist
“This is aimed at anyone that pissed us off. We’re putting them in chair with a gun to their head deciding whether to pull trigger or not. The lyrics explain the process – it’s like an argument with myself and whoever is in the chair.”

“This is about being focused on what you want in life and not letting people tell you what to do in life. You always meet people that try to put you down and put you off your dreams. This is about achieving what you want to achieve and not pleasing others or listening to negative folk.”

Continents have also announced a mammoth European tour with Kingdom Of Giants and High Hopes. Check out the dates on the poster here:

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