Classic Rock's Tracks of the Week

This week’s selection includes two examples of delightfully gratuitous nudity, which we only mention because a) we know that nudity is popular, and b) we know that nudity is less popular in certain circumstances, like in church or at the library. So just be careful, yeah?

Monster Magnet - *She Digs That Hole*
Not so much re-recorded as re-worked entirely, She Digs That Hole comes from Monster Magnet’s forthcoming Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux), which takes 2010’s Mastermind album and — according to head Magnet Dave Wyndorf — turns into into a “deranged fusion of Garage-Psych, Fuzz Punk and Movie Soundtrack music”. Groovy.

Taylor Locke - *Call Me Kuchu*
The former Rooney man has finally made a video for his Come Together-channeling Call Me Kuchu. It’s taken from the rather lovely Time Stands Still album, which is one of the records of the year if you’re into that whole sweet Big Star-meets-Tood Rundgren on the West Coast thing. Bonus fact: Locke was once in a Def Leppard tribute band called Loud Lion. Geddit?

Def Leppard - Lets Go
This has been floating round the internet for a couple of weeks, but the band have finally attached a science fiction lyric video to the shiny production, and we love all that space stuff, so it’s in. Let’s Go comes from the band’s forthcoming, self-titled album, which is available to pre-order as a Classic Rock fanpack, despite auto-correct always attempting to change the spelling to “funpack”.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - *Trapdoor*
From the band’s delightfully titled Paper Mâché Dream Balloon album, the excellent Trapdoor finds the Aussie freaks exploring the outer reaches of pastoral psychedelia, with vocals that sound like they might have been recorded by alien invaders backed by a crazed, asthmatic flutist. Sometimes we wonder if King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have ever been caught in a blizzard. But they’re from Australia, so it’s unlikely.

Megadeth - *Fatal Illusion*
Megadeth put a countdown clock on their website a few days ago, sending much of the Internet into a frenzy of speculation concerning what might appear as zero was attained. Turns out it was a rather spectacular new track, prompting Facebook comments such as “insanely great!”, “Wow!!!! Thank you Megadeth for keeping speed metal alive!!!”, and “If anyone is interested, I have transcribed the bass riff/intro and have it in .pdf format.“

Purson - *Electric Landlady*
Back in June, Purson frontlady Rosalie Cunningham told us the band’s next video would feature her “naked and painted blue.” We didn’t believe her for a moment, of course. But no, she’s been as good as her word, and Electric Landlady does indeed feature the singer daubed in cobalt emulsion, devoid of much of her clothing, as the band swirl and spin and do their folk/prog/psyche/goth/rock thing. Excellent.

Blackberry Smoke - *Rock And Roll Again*
More nudity, as Blackberry Smoke play a hometown show for an audience of local freaks, minstrels and burlesque dancers. Eagle-eyed viewers will note a cameo performance by Biters frontman Tuk, who gets thrown out of the venue for misbehaving. Nice carpet, too.

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard - *Les Paradis Artificiels*
With a name like Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, you’d expect this Welsh outfit to be purveyors of some serious heviosity, and you’d be right. Indeed, they describe themselves as “three ape descendants and an astral seraphim combining their powers to generate colossal interstellar arias of plutonium weight.” So yes, it’s quite heavy. Like being crushed by the actual Himalayas.

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