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We’re currently at Download. If this post doesn’t appear by 3pm on Friday, please send help, for it contains the freshest rock known to man this week, and must escape into the public domain.

Ghost - Cirice Sweden’s foremost ghoul-metallists are back, and we’re still not entirely clear who’s in charge. Is it Papa Emeritus III? Or his elder brother Papa Emeritus II? This video — in which an extremely spooky young lady plays the title role — offers few clues, with an unexpected schoolboy is fronting the band. Perhaps it’s Papa Emeritus Jr.

Brother Dege - Somewhere Taken from his forthcoming Scorched Earth Policy: Deluxe album, Brother Dege’s Somewhere finds the guitarist in very fine fettle indeed, wrangling his “psyouthern” sounds into some kind of terrific musical gumbo. Mmmm, tasty gravy indeed.

Lamb Of God - 512

Taken from the band’s forthcoming VII: Sturm Und Drang long-player, 512 is named after the prison cell in the Czech Republic in which singer Randy Blyth spent time in in 2010. And, just like a prison cell, it’s a brutal, claustrophobic experience, one from which there’s no apparent escape. In a good way, obviously.

Dinosaur Pile-Up - 11:11 What is it with all the numbers this week? This track was suggested by Classic Rock’s managing editor Jo “Jo” Kendall, and what she doesn’t know about rockin’ young pups like Norwich’s DP-U really isn’t worth knowing. 1111 wasn’t named after a prison cell, at least as far as we know.

Broken Hands - Meteor Frontman Dale Norton says of Meteor, “The song is all about chasing the evening. The night itself is the meteor. You’re on its tail in a Russian MIG-29 jet, trying to catch up but you never will… your co-pilot is telling you to turn back but you persist!” Cripes! Luckily, the song lives up to the lofty billing, and drives along like a jet-powered space motorbike with wings made out of solid adrenaline.

Venice Trip - Look Forward Can’t afford to actually go to Venice? But still fancy a little summery trip? Check out Venice Trip, in all their gently psychedelic, melodic alt rock glory. Think Tame Impala or Pond, with a slightly more whirly, kaleidoscopic outlook.

Muse - Mercy This Saturday’s big Download headliners are Muse, and to say we’re more than a little excited by the show they plan to put on is an understatement along the lines of “We may drink some beer while we’re watching it”. If you’re going, we’ll see you there.

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