Bait, Conjurer and Earthless/Harsh Toke – new albums reviewed

Earthless/Harsh Toke album cover

Bait – Sunburst

Blackened hardcore gets the German treatment on Sunburst, an EP that is filthy, furious and full of downtuned grit. It’s nothing new but it’s worth a punt if you like the dark side. [6] CC

Conjurer – I

With a slew of thrilling live appearances under their belt, this up-and-coming UK four-piece impress with a calculated four-track debut assault, as they seamlessly mix elements of sludge-tinged doom and blackened death – all to morbidly punishing effect. [7] JH

Earthless/Harsh Toke – Acid Crusher/Mount Swan

Two truly great bands from the bong side of the tracks collide, with Earthless sneaking the honours by simply being so good you’ll want to smoke your own bodyweight in triple-strength ganja. [8] DL