ASMR for metalheads is a thing, and it’s brilliant

A still from a metal ASMR video
(Image credit: Ancient Whispers ASMR)

Have you ever had a 'braingasm'? Well, today could be your lucky day. Now that mosh pits are off the cards for the foreseeable future, we’ve been looking for new ways to connect with music and we think we’ve hit the jackpot: metal ASMR. From whispered death metal lyrics to relaxing treatments for the dreaded headbangover, this ridiculously niche corner of YouTube promises to help metalheads chill the fuck out.

ASMR stands for ‘autonomous sensory meridian response’. It may sound fancy but it’s basically an involuntary physical response triggered by an external stimulant. In the case of ASMR, those stimuli (known as ‘triggers’) tend to be weirdly specific: the sound of gentle tapping or the sight of someone carefully folding towels. 

Not everyone is susceptible to ASMR and triggers differ from person to person, but most people describe it as a tingling sensation which starts at the top of the head and travels down the spine. Autonomous sensory meridian responses are so hard to describe that they’re often referred to as ‘brain orgasms’. There have been ASMR videos on YouTube for years, but they’ve recently exploded in popularity and top channels have anything up to 9 million subscribers with some ASMRtists even selling their own merch.

With so much competition, ASMR video concepts can get a little wacky… especially since triggers are often as mundane as crinkling a wrapper or tapping a tabletop. If you enjoy personal attention, you might choose to watch a video of someone role playing as a doctor and pretending to give you a relaxing autopsy. If you find tapping sounds calming, maybe you’d enjoy watching Jeff the Killer tapping on a saw

Obviously, us metal fans have quite a specific set of personal tastes which need to be met before we can fully get into the spirit of things. Luckily, there are plenty of ASMRtists who know how to turn the awesome power of metal into an ASMR trigger.

Grab some noise cancelling earphones and give some of these hand-selected metal ASMR videos a try. Tingles might not be guaranteed but the enjoyment factor goes all the way up to eleven.

Metalhead doctor roleplay

Does your neck ache from too much headbanging? Have you been exposed to pop music? You need to visit Doctor Thrasher’s office – he specialises in treating patients who listen to heavy metal. If you enjoy your appointment on Ephemeral Rift’s channel, you might want to check out his ‘Relax with Satan’ ASMR playlist, too.

Whispering Behemoth lyrics

Ancient Whispers ASMR treats you to a whispered recital of Behemoth's The Satanist in its entirety, complete with atmospheric wind and fireplace sounds. She’ll have you feeling mellow in no time.

Backstage with the band roleplay 

Jimち ASMR takes you backstage for some personal attention and a relaxing whisper with the band. If that’s not your style, you can check out his Horror ASMR or Serial Killer ASMR playlists, which feature such iconic videos as Let’s Hide From A Serial Killer and Fun Date With Patrick Bateman.

Fast, aggressive movements and sounds

Not so keen on the slow, relaxing stuff? Heavy Metal Tingles is the girl for you. Fast, frenetic sounds and movements are her specialty. Whether she’s tapping, crinkling or using slime, it’ll be fast-paced and manic.  

Whispered death metal lyrics (various)

Death metal has some of the most visceral lyrics of any music genre, so what better way to enjoy them than through the calming medium of ASMR? The ASMR Review Show is here to whisper you some Napalm Death, Electric Wizard and Opeth.

Metal sounds: chainsaws, guitar feedback and arson

There’s nothing more relaxing than the squeal of a handsaw on an exhaust pipe. Stick your earphones in and listen as Killbot&GorGorAttack!! orders Dying Fetus tickets and sets fire to CDs. So soothing! 

Talking about feelings (in a metal way)

Join King Emeriftus for a heavy metal quiz, a calming chat about extreme music, and a discussion on the importance of being open-minded. The video comes complete with comforting crinkles and tapping, making for one crazy but effective masterpiece.

Hopefully you’re feeling relaxed and calm by now. There’s a whole world of weird ASMR videos to unearth, so venture forth and start making your way to everlasting (and metal AF) peace and tranquillity.