Art: Sir Christopher Lee


You’ve just released your latest EP, Metal Knight. What drew you to heavy metal so late in life?

About ten years ago I was approached by a band called Rhapsody as they wanted me to do some narration. The stories were very Lord Of The Rings-like. It is, of course, fantasy, which I love.

Were you aware of heavy metal in the late sixties?

Yes. In the early seventies I moved to America and it was there where I had my first direct contact with the genre. I’d played golf a few times with Alice Cooper. Not many people know this, but I worked with Frank Zappa. He was a fan of my work so he asked to star with me in a TV show. It was called Faerie Tale Theatre.

_Some people can be snobbish about popular music – they say it’s not “art”. _

Art comprises all forms of expressions. There are snobs in all walks of life – I simply ignore them.

What is it that keeps you going?

The need and desire to keep my brain active. It is what drives the body. It is like a drug which I need in order to function.