7 reasons Cane Hill are going to rule your 2016

They’re the band everyone is talking about – and here’s why you should care!

1. They Sound Like No One Else
Cane Hill have mashed up influences, sounds and eras to create a whole new animal. “We pretty much only listen to Pantera, Megadeth and Metallica,” laughs frontman Elijah Witt. “So if you take everything from the 80s and put it into a pile of nu metal, it’s kinda like that!” So that’s the bounce of Korn, the groove of Pantera and the chaos of Slipknot? Works for us.

2. They’re Pissed Off
Anyone who listened to last year’s ferocious, shamelessly angsty self-titled EP will know that Cane Hill are not a band to play to your grandma during an Antiques Roadshow break. This is ugly, violent music – and it’s awesome. ‘I’m a time bomb – just let me off!’ screeches Elijah on their stomping Time Bomb single. The vitriol he’s spitting out makes us think he’s not bluffing.

3. They Prove That Nu Metal Can Still Be Awesome
Look, we know nu metal has had a quite well-deserved shit-kicking over the years, but at its creative height, it was awesome. That sector’s influence on Cane Hill – from the groovy, Korn-esque riffs peppered through ragers like Screwtape and Gemini to the flurry of scratches that kick Time Bomb into fifth gear courtesy of Issues deck-spinner Scout – shows that it has produced new, relevant bands very much worthy of your attention. Cane Hill are undoubtedly top of that list.

4. They Have Something To Stay
Despite the brash and, on the surface, simplistic nature of their sound and lairy lyrics, Cane Hill actually cover a startling variety of political, sociological and even economic issues within their music – a deceptive depth of character that is channelled primarily through Elijah. The singer states that the new album, due out this year, will cover “loss, depravity, patriarchy, misogyny and racism, plus social, political and economic stances, all thrown into stories people can relate to”. Metal For Dummies, this ain’t.

5. They Could Be Metal’s Most Unlikely Feminists
Five heavy metal dudes from the party-central craziness of New Orleans standing up for equality for women? It might not sound like much of an obvious match, but Elijah is actually a determined anti-misogynist –something that is reflected in his lyrics, his interviews and, most interestingly, in his journey as a human being. “My dad left, so I had my mum and my sister, and I watched them go through all of this shit,” he remembers, “and until about two years ago I was actually a major part of the problem. I was stupid, I was naive, I was probably the pinnacle of misogyny. But my eyes opened. I met my girlfriend, who is a radical feminist, and I realised just how ridiculous [sexism] is. And it’s now at the forefront of people’s minds – we’re not afraid to speak out about it, to fucking tell people what’s wrong with the world. The people that don’t want to listen are going to be left behind.”

6. They Ain’t No ‘Scene Band’
“We want to break out of the scene where breakdowns are ‘cool’, because it’s not us,” muses Elijah. “It doesn’t have so much to do with our generation, just the kind of person we’re playing to. The kid that goes to school wearing Slayer t-shirts with metal wristbands on? That’s our shit.”

7. They Have Big Ambitions
Cane Hill are already winning fans far outside of their New Orleans habitat, and if they have their way, they’ll be capitalising on that international love very, very soon. “From the response that we’ve got in the UK, I’d assume that at some point this year we’ll be out there, because you guys seem to like us a lot!” beams the frontman. “We’re gonna be touring, we’ll be dropping an album and we want to take over the fucking world.”

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