2016 Preview: Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson thought he’d be making a fourth album with his band Chris Robinson Brotherhood last year. But it looks like that’ll have to wait.

“We got to talking and said let’s keep on the road,” Robinson explains. “First off, it’s fertile ground for us musically. And secondly, it’s really the only tool we have so people see this band. I don’t care about social media or the corporate record business. We’re the kind of band that needs to stay on the road and build it gig by gig.” Nevertheless Robinson says the CRB is sitting on top of plenty of new material, including four songs the group have previewed during shows and another seven or eight he figures are ready to take into the studio. Most fit into what Robinson calls “the CRB sort of folky, cosmic cowboy boots… stoned music for stoned people”, but there’s also “another whole sort of mound of material that’s kind of different, darker, more groove-oriented.”

Robinson is also anticipating a third Betty’s Blends live album collaboration with long-time Grateful Dead cohort Betty Cantor-Jackson, though no concrete plans have been made for that project.