Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction: We Are Volsung

Tattooed Beat Messiah returns.

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Twenty-four years ago, Zodiac Mindwarp unleashed Wild Child, a debut EP so thunderously sleazy, priapic and dumb that it practically turned its creator into a rock‘n’roll legend overnight.

He followed it with the equally reprehensible High Priest Of Love mini-album, stormed the charts with Prime Mover, which remains one of the greatest rock anthems of the last 25 years, and penned Feed My Frankenstein for Alice Cooper.

Unfortunately, nothing the insane old drug-repository has done since has come close to matching those heady first few thrills. We Are Volsung is no different, despite being a spirited attempt to emulate past glories.

At his lascivious, whisky-sodden best, Zodiac still has menace and muscle in plentiful supply, and drooling riff-ups like Don’t Touch My Guitar and Key To Your Heart have undeniably massive hooks, but this is more endearingly daft than truly dangerous.