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Yards - Excitation Thresholds album review

Former Ghost Of A Thousand frontman charges back into action

Cover art for Yards - Excitation Thresholds album

Six years ago, The Ghost Of A Thousand, one of the most exciting and inventive bands in the UK hardcore scene, announced their imminent breakup. Now, five years since their final shows, it is wonderful to see frontman Tom Lacey back and doing what he does best, namely screaming until his lungs fill with blood. Colliding with your senses like a punch to the neck, Yards’ debut album is abrasive and sharpened, jammed into your ear like Jagged Metal Krusty-O. The gnashing of teeth and crashing cymbals keep the whole record on edge as Tom’s strained, throaty vocals permeate through the assault, with instruments dripping with sweat and spit. It’s a shame that the muddy production hinders the impact of the band’s laser-targeted attack, as they weave in and out of hardcore and touch on doomier, less aggressive expressions. That said, Excitation Thresholds would still beat you in a fight.

Luke Morton
Faux Northerner. Online Editor for Metal Hammer. Host and Producer of the Metal Hammer Podcast. A bigger Simpsons fan than you.